Wish your kids could entertain themselves this summer?

WITHOUT being glued to their screens?

"I'm bored!"

How often has your child said that to you? 

It's not your job to entertain them. But, what else can you tell them to do?

Are you tired of your child:

  • spending hours hunched over her tablet watching slime videos?
  • sprawled on the floor moaning, "I have nothing to do..."
  • asking you every morning what they're going to do today?
  • grumpy and snippy after a day packed with activities that you planned for them?


After this program, you'll have a child who:

  • is self-motivated this summer to work on a BIG project - of his or her choosing - and complete it.
  • negotiates with you instead of nagging or pleading.
  • knows how to break a large project into small tasks and work with a deadline.
  • is excited and inspired every day of summer break.

Don't just take my word for it...


Preview the first lesson now!


Your child meets me, JoAnn. I walk them through a quick overview of the course and get them excited! 


We start thinking big! I guide your child through creating a brainstorm list of all the possible projects they can attempt this summer.

Picking a Summer Goal

We narrow their list down to find a goal that's personally meaningful for them.

Breaking down a Goal

I teach them how to work backward to formulate a plan to acheive their goal. This skill will transfer directly to the school year when they need to plan for big projects!

Launch List

We think through exactly what kind of help your child will need and what supplies they need to make their goal happen.


They learn the Negotation G.A.M.E - the step-by-step process to ask for what they want while being respectful to you. (And you'll probably get extra chores out of this.)

Setting a Summer Timeline 

Your child will lay out their summer week-by-week, setting their own goal milestones.

Time to start working

Yay! They now have everything they need to create a Not-So-Bummer Summer of their own.


As Seen on...

"Not So Bummer Summer takes that accountability and responsibilty and gives it to my children in a way they don't even realize that they're learning something new. 

They're learning life skills.The course teaches them time management, planning and being self-motivated and driven. They were excited and didn't even realize they were learning."  

- Brie (Mom to Audrey, 11 & Robert, 12)

The nitty-gritty course structure in a nutshell:

  • Seven quick video tutorials that motivate, inspire and lead them in creating his or her summer goal.
  • Practice in life skills such as long-term planning. scheduling, negotiation and intiative
  • Helpful planning printables that guide your kid every step of the way
  • Short quizzes after each video that will make your child laugh and love the course
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Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm JoAnn Crohn, M.Ed. I'm a former elementary school teacher who is National Board Certified, founder of NoGuiltMom.com and I have two kids of my own. 

As a mom and former teacher, I want kids to be self-sufficient.

Zoo trips, splash pads, inviting friends over - it's fun for a week, but then what? At the end of each day, I found that my kids were grumpy and exhausted. And so was I. 

My kids needed a productive summer.

But, I also wanted them to have fun. So, I created Not-So-Bummer. My kids plan their summer, not me. They claim a goal and plan to see it through. No worksheets. No packed schedule.

Simply, confident kids who achieve something big.

"JoAnn is an excellent teacher--funny, engaging, and easy to understand. She became my daughter's ally, rather than just another adult telling her to focus."

- Ruth Soukup 

Preview the first lesson with your kids...

Wondering if this course is for you?

Not So Bummer Summer is for you if you're...

  • the parent, or aunt, or grandma of a child between the ages of 9 - 14.
  • frustrated with your child staring at YouTube or playing on Minecraft for hours.
  • wishing your child would be more productive this summer. 
  • tired of planning an endless stream of activities to keep your child busy over the summer.
  • exhausted of always needing to give suggestions for things your child should try.


Q: How much time as a parent can I expect to spend on this course?

You'll need to do two things to get your child ready for Not So Bummer Summer: 1) Print out the workbook and 2) be around to answer any questions. However, there probably won't be many questions since this course is for your kid.

Q: What if I have kids who are different ages and want to do different things?

This will work. They can still watch the videos together. Simply print out 2 copies of the workbook so they can each create their own plan. Since they are responsible for their own summer goal, it will not be any extra work for you. Your kids will be self-motivated to complete it on their own. 

Q: Will I end up paying for lots of things this summer?

No. The point of Not So Bummer Summer is for kids to find a way - on their own - to get things done with relying on other people to make it happen. They may need an occasional supply, however I teach them how to negotiate for it instead of demand. If you say no, they need to find another way to make their project happen. 

Q: Will this work for my laid-back child?

This is going to light a fire under your laid back child! I will take him or her step-by-step through finding a goal they're passionate about and then creating a plan to make it happen.

30-day No Guilt Guarantee

I want your summer to be productive and calm! If you feel like Not So Bummer Summer isn't for you, I'll gladly refund your purchase within the first 30 days. However, I think you'll love it.